Saturday, February 03, 2007

Embroidery: TAST Chevron

It's a beautiful sunny day here and it's my Birthday! and if you want to calculate my age I was born "The day the music died!". But I am very much alive and raring to go - York Embroiderers Guild meeting this afternoon and I am really looking forward to it. There is to be a surprize and I will blog about that later.

Chevron - not sure if I like this stitch much as I found I kept catching the thread when coming back through to the mid point on the final part.

I used some linen fabric, which I doubled over. The design is based on a sunray, from my favourite period of design - Art Deco. On reflection I think I should have filled in the yellow rays with another stitch - who knows I may use the design again for another TAST challenge. The sun is detatched chain edged with buttonhole and I just couched some thread to frame the edge. The main threads are from Oliver Twist One-Offs no. 013 that I got off E-bay, where I get most of my threads cos we are short of good suppliers here. I also used some yellow and orange DMC Perle for the sun and yellow rays - again from E-bay.

Anyone reading this who does not know what TAST is then you can read about it here on Sharon B's In a Minute Ago blog or see the links on the right hand side to Flickr and to the Webring. Join in and enjoy!


ElizabethD said...

Happy Birthday, Mary! Wishing you a wonderful day and the start of a wonderful year.

quiltpixie said...

I love the gentle curves you gave the rows of chevron... The repeating alternate rows in the white give it a real sense of order.

MargaretR said...

One of the nicest Chevron samples I've seen Mary. A belated happy birthday.

Susan said...

Hope your birthday was great! I LOVE this sampler. The design is perfect, I think, for a RR I'm in. I hope it's okay if I steal the idea.

MaryB said...

Thank you for your lovely comment - brill birthday and no problem please feel free to use the idea. :-)