Sunday, February 25, 2007


Bought some cleaning cloths (16 in pack) in Poundland that look like fine synthetic felt. So I thought I would give them a try.

I have used one as a backing to an embroidery and this appears to have been a success. As you can see I have also painted on one with fabric dye and I am quite please with the result. Obviously I do not think that they will retain their shape with washing but could be useful for those embroideries that are for decoration and not for everyday use.


MargaretR said...

That has worked out well. I also used those cleaning cloths to make a panel for Maggie Grey a few years ago and was quite pleased with the results, but I haven't tried to dye it with fabric dye. I must have a go. Thanks for sharing, I still have a sheet left. Just now I'm doing Transfer Painting. Maybe I'll try that.

kay susan said...

I used some of those cloths too. Here's what I did with mine:

I haven't tried painting or dyeing on them yet (but I will now!). I did try burning them with a soldering iron and that wasn't a success!

They work out a lot cheaper than felt for the insides of the pentagon type boxes too.

debbie said...

I use them alot you can also put them through your printer to take an image.