Wednesday, February 14, 2007

'Woolly Bully' in the Wolds

It has been a beautiful winter day here in sunny East Yorkshire and we took this opportunity to travel through the Wolds. We stopped at a beautiful part called Millington Pastures where there were Scottish Red Highlander cattle all sunning themselves. They looked wonderful with their coats of lovely rusty hues.

Here I applied an effect using colours taken first from the grass then the second from the coat:

This picture shows how lovely and tranquil this area is.

And this is a picture taken of a gate with the same effect I used for the cows, again taking the main colour from the surrounding greenery.

1 comment:

Elizabet said...

Wowee! Make sure you show these to your art teacher types at the college!

Of course I will bring my felt stuff with me to the meeting if you want!