Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Journey

I have decided to put my other blog (Mary's Journey) on hold until I either leave work, which hopefully will be in June or start my Art and Design Foundation Course in September.

As explained in the blog I am taking redundancy this year as much of our work is being outsourced to Sri Lanka. I am not quite 50 yet but I feel it is time to take a new direction in my life whilst I am still young enough and able to do so.

Luckily I have a wonderful, supportive husband who as explained in my profile, "lets me witter on", but also does take a certain amount of interest and is encouraging me to take this journey into "finding myself!". I know that sounds like a cliche but that is what the Art and Design foundation will enable me to do, by exploring many mediums, techniques and studying other artists. So hopefully at the end of the year I should be in a better position to see in which direction my Art/Textiles will take me.

I really cannot wait.......but meanwhile I am very busy doing my full time job which does not leave a lot of time for the creative me, so my journey blog is on hold and all postings will now be directed here and/or to my my Flickr account.

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Helen Suzanne said...

hope you really enjoy York A&D foundation Mary, and good on ya for taking stock and making the leap from one career to another. over 20 years ago now (eek gasps) I did the foundation there for a couple of months (wasn't the right course for me) so I'll be following your progress with interest. have fun!