Sunday, February 04, 2007


Yesterday we had our guild meeting and it was manic for me as I had so much to see and people to meet – I am going to have to start going earlier.

Anyway, the big surprise was for Elizabet whom I met via Sharon B’s blog ‘In a minute ago’ and to those of you who do not know, Sharon is based in Canberra, Australia and myself and Elizabet are based in York, UK. As a surprise for Elizabet I bought 2 of Sharon B’s excellent mugs that are available on Sharon’s CafePress retail site.

Elizabet was certainly surprised. Thank you Sharon for your excellent Blog that brings like minded people together from across the globe.


MargaretR said...

How lovely for you both and what a wonderful surprise for Elsbet.

Susan said...

How fun! I've not see a picture of Elizabet before, so thanks for sharing this great one of the two of you with your mugs. =)