Sunday, August 27, 2006

Postcard: Goonhilly, Cornwall, UK

Well here I am down in sunny Cornwall, where we are visiting Goonhilly which is UKs premier satellite station.
There are loads of interactive technical gizmo's to keep my son entertained as well as free internet access with super fast connection.
My husband has been going via satellite to view the Grand Prix - so all in all we are having a brilliant time.

There is lots to do in Cornwall and there are loads of galleries with excellent art, together with the fantastic scenery I feel very inspired... Have loads of photos which should keep me going for some time.


Sunday, August 20, 2006


We are going on our summer holiday tomorrow - down to Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, so I will not be able to moderate comments until my return.
I will be taking my CQ so I will endeavour to finish the block which has been progressing slowly.
No doubt I will have loads of photos - so see you all at the beginning of September.

Embroidery: Ribbon

Here is a card that I made at a ribbon embroidery class that my good friend Ann Pearson gave for the local WI. I did make another one of a cluster of wine and pink coloured flowers which I liked better, but I gave it away before taking a photo - never mind.
I really enjoyed using the silk ribbon and found that it was quite easy on this type of open weave fabric. However, I did try some on my crazy quilt but unpicked it as I did find it more difficult on cotton.
Soon after I took some pictures of sunflowers down at the allotments, so next time I will have some pictures to refer to. I just love this bee!

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Embroidery: Old Design New Technique

After a visit in 2005 to Coats Crafts UK Archive by a couple of our committee members a challenge was made to re-work an old design by using new techniques.

This was indeed a challenge to me as I was a new member to the Guild and had yet to explore not only traditional techniques but also the vast array of new materials and techniques that are now available.

I started by scanning the original design into my computer, then I created a basic pattern for my design.

After a lot thought and deliberation I came up with an outline as shown. The foundation of the design is layers of organza over net embellished with traditional freehand stitches, as however you look at it these traditional techniques can never be replaced.

I then did a lot of research and by accident came up with ‘Tyvek’ stitched with ‘Fab Film’, then heated to create the ideal scrunched effect for my centre pieces. The metallic clusters of multi coloured beads provide an ideal base to these to allow the centre pieces to stand away from the fabric to add another dimension. Liking the idea of rag rugging; but being allergic to hessian, I found that the rubber underlay that is now sold to protect tables as well as being a new material this was an ideal substitute. These small pieces using strips of the base organza fabric for the rugging are used to lift the centres like fluffy covered seeds from a seedpod. Finally the work was quilted to produce a raised effect.

At times I almost gave up but with the encouragement of fellow members I persevered and produced the final piece in time for the City of York Branch ‘Visible Threads’ Exhibition in June 2006. The piece was also exhibited in the recent Pocklington Art Exhibition.

So here I am, even though I feel the piece is naive I have now gained invaluable experience and feel more confident going onwards and hopefully upwards in my work.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Weather, sunset and owls!

Well we have had a better start to August and temperatures have been in the early 20's which is normal here for this time of the year. July was far too hot and as records were broken we melted which made day to day activities in the home unbearable.

I took this photo tonight of the sunset from our balcony, which shows that we now have more interesting skies than we had in July.

Within half an hour of me taking this photo we had an owl alight on the water (bottom right of the picture) that we leave out for the birds. Its the first one that we have seen (so close to the house) - but alas it was too dark to take a photo, and anyway I would not want to upset it as it may not come back!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Embroidery: Crazy Quilt Block update

Well I have managed to get started despite being so busy!

Using DMC Perle 5 I started by attaching some lace (cheap from the Market) using buttonhole stitch then basic herringbone embellished with silver lined beads. I have also applied some feather stitch which I have layered.
In the centres of the flowers I have done some french knots in both DMC Perle 5 and Anchor 3 stranded embroidery threads.
Along one seam there are some half buttonhole wheels and have started some grape embellishments using french knots
Today I am back at the exhibition so I maybe able to get some more done there.

The 100 details for a 100 days stitch-a-long was created by SharonB and for anyone who has not seen this blog it is well worth a visit.

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