Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Weather, sunset and owls!

Well we have had a better start to August and temperatures have been in the early 20's which is normal here for this time of the year. July was far too hot and as records were broken we melted which made day to day activities in the home unbearable.

I took this photo tonight of the sunset from our balcony, which shows that we now have more interesting skies than we had in July.

Within half an hour of me taking this photo we had an owl alight on the water (bottom right of the picture) that we leave out for the birds. Its the first one that we have seen (so close to the house) - but alas it was too dark to take a photo, and anyway I would not want to upset it as it may not come back!

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Jason Wiley said...

Beautiful photo. when i was in pocklington last week an owl flew onto the tree next to me. Amazing sight, i left my seat to get my folks, it had gone when i returned...