Saturday, August 05, 2006

Embroidery: Crazy Quilt Block update

Well I have managed to get started despite being so busy!

Using DMC Perle 5 I started by attaching some lace (cheap from the Market) using buttonhole stitch then basic herringbone embellished with silver lined beads. I have also applied some feather stitch which I have layered.
In the centres of the flowers I have done some french knots in both DMC Perle 5 and Anchor 3 stranded embroidery threads.
Along one seam there are some half buttonhole wheels and have started some grape embellishments using french knots
Today I am back at the exhibition so I maybe able to get some more done there.

The 100 details for a 100 days stitch-a-long was created by SharonB and for anyone who has not seen this blog it is well worth a visit.

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