Saturday, July 15, 2006

Canvaswork and Free Embroidery

Here is a canvas work picture that I finished for the guild meeting at the beginning of July.

A picture of Loch Ness inspired “Lakeside” even though the final piece took on a Lakeland scene. The magnificent colours were what drew me to the picture.

As I was creating a piece of canvas work I started by “pixelating” the picture on my computer, as a basis for the background (as seen below). This was printed onto a piece of canvas to which I applied a cross corner stitch to represent the pixels.

Once this was complete, I felt that the picture was very regimented so I decided to break up the foreground by applying free embroidery stitches.
Here is some detail:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Can't express in words how impressed i'm with your embroidery. It's exquisite. Now tell me what is TAST and how can i join?
Each of your embroidery is a piece of art by itself. These seem to have been done with pearl cotton thread, am i right ? Happy crafting, Rufaro

MaryB said...

Thankyou Rufaro for your lovely comment - TAST is Take a Stitch Tuesday Callenge organised by Sharon B
where in 2007 a stitch a week will be issued for the challenge. So far there are about 200 people joining in. See links to Flickr site
and new webring set up yesterday to co-ordinate blogs;action=list
If you wish to join, just drop a note to Sharon, 'contact' at top of her blog. Cheers, Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the link but i could not join TAST, my daughter says , i need to have a blog/webpage, to be able to join, which i do not have at present. Is that correct ? Pl. let me know .
Best Wishes